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an "orrioR" (beyond WARrior) putting his safety on the line (going into da unknown, we never can tell what may happen), regularly, to possibly inspire creative people to give themselves permission to utilize their bests (in ongoing, becoming practice), in order to intervene on Same Old Scenes of Alienation, Inc. and its consequences. Such is a spirituaL path; a way i like to walk(e) and learn, and keep in touch, and escape from my "caves" and the Fear planted in me.

radical’s radical’s radical respect to my fellow human beings!

i stand, putting my life on the line, now, for over 25 years, in solidarity with the way of the pre-colonized and waking-up-to-our-shared-colonizations. Continue reading

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Response to Racism? Sexism? But What’s your Politics? July 11, 2012 (old but so what?) This is a reply to the article, in part: i went to a forum on racism in the 1980s. In it we learned to see … Continue reading

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Some deep thoughtfulness on emotions in our action spaces: from

11th comment: sage; December 8, 2011 “The difficulty with the language here is that it feels, even unintentionally, like an attack. It’s very, very difficult to explain to white people that by calling out systemic white supremacy, you aren’t throwing … Continue reading

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We are ALL colonized, a.k.a. reduced into tools or resources to run and support ‘The System’

Here’s a text (below) that has made a difference to me because it does a pretty good job of “connecting the dots” of several “single issue” topics, while showing their commonalities. Commonalities, that is, which reflect the over-arching belief system … Continue reading

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to the strategically-challenged!

Grappling with the strategically-challenged can be fun! (re: posts from Continue reading

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Some ideas for ways forward

Post this on a reply section of See: i’ve added a few things since posting that, tho.. Why aren’t challengers going into the neighborhoods of the middle managers and elites and exposing realities there? (I.e. when policy implementers/cops … Continue reading

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Paid a price for my wearing Oklahoma’s intensity!

Yes, a few days after posting that text, i had my own, i guess reflection; a kind of spiritual “chickens coming home to roost”; basically i reflected similarly to Okie-la-homie! And went through a similar “emotional breakdown” of my own! … Continue reading

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