radical’s radical’s radical respect to my fellow human beings!

In reply to:


i am an indigenous (not Indigenous) human being and mutt descendant of various tribes of europe and who knows what else.

i stand, putting my life on the line, now, for over 25 years, in solidarity with the way of the pre-colonized and waking-up-to-our-shared-colonizations.

i am one, and yet i represent many nations of people in my heart! i self-awaken, creating culture from diverse cultures. i am of the pipsqueak lodge (as gifted to me by a viking elder). i bridge between, intuitively supporting when i think i can. i question rigid hierarchies, and yet i honor those who can remember and still live within ancient wizdms!

When i see you at pow wows, where i am visiting as a solo orrioR, dancing and sharing my skills, i will look forward to our bests in perfectly imperfect process!

This is not “disrespectful” this is radical’s radical’s radical respect! A-hoH!

You may well not be familiar with this sort of thing, since some of it comes from bears i have been around, some of it from meeting with a wolf, and so many other amazing encounters and sharings with paradigms beyond devoutly Normal planted in our collective heads.

i look forward to meeting you all on the magick path of life and living!

(now, what if YOU are evading things as you claim i am evading????)

Whether or not my fellow unsettlers “get” my heart or not, is not my priority; depth-charging this world, is! A-heY!


About ethicalartservice

an "orrioR" (beyond WARrior) putting his safety on the line (going into da unknown, we never can tell what may happen), regularly, to possibly inspire creative people to give themselves permission to utilize their bests (in ongoing, becoming practice), in order to intervene on Same Old Scenes of Alienation, Inc. and its consequences. Such is a spirituaL path; a way i like to walk(e) and learn, and keep in touch, and escape from my "caves" and the Fear planted in me.
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