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Racism? Sexism? But What’s your Politics?

July 11, 2012 (old but so what?)

This is a reply to the article, in part:

i went to a forum on racism in the 1980s. In it we learned to see that our imperfections were not “bad” in themselves, they were real in the context of our isolation and alienation from each other. It was what we did with our new awarenesses that were most important!

To get stuck in “Us vs Them” kinds of antler-sticking (two antler-wearing people locking horns) tells us that there is more going on than ideology can so far tell us (ideology is a rigid way of being and seeing from only one perspective, i think).

Men have to be called out on their/our off-balance, but to promote restrictions of their symptoms is neocolonialism rising back up into us, i say!


What do we wish to do most? Call each other out on our imperfections as they arise in our intuitions! (after all, behind the categories of male and female, we are all people, we are ALL human beings!) And, yet, divisiveness (?) is not what we TRULY want. Not what we ULTIMATELY want. We ultimately want cohesiveness more!

Is this not true? (And yet we don’t want fake cohesiveness!)

Okay, so how to do something like aikido on the situation?

You already know, i might just be aiding you in remembering.

Mens’ flailing and poking (etc.) are symptoms of living in this out-of-balance world. Their/our trajectory may well be different from yours. And may not be able to humbly wait for you to stop speaking (maybe a form of “rapport talk” creeping up, with potentials to free people with the hidden gift).

They NEED to let out their poison SOMEWHERE. That they are being REAL at all is a miracle, for this world! (How many men work overtime to MASK their real feelings? Lots!)

So why not explore some way of designing culture that can embrace and wrassle (?) with and dance into each others’ hearts???!!

Yes, angry womyn folk NEED to let their poisons too!


And you have been doing so!

i am coming from a place where i have been forced to take on flailing men (and some womyn), and i have learned that i sometimes have the ability to remember to call for us to have a consensual circle place, where we engage in enrichualiNg, so that our hearts can possibly meet, over time (if need be). It is an ongoing practice, which i am getting better at remembering to try out! i design such enrichuals (true richness, not material bullshit!) autonomously or with some Indigenous anchors (depending on which nations i have made connection with).

Feel free to challenge me on this! It is not written fully! Invitations also to complementing my seeing with your even better ones!

A-hey fellow human beings!



About ethicalartservice

an "orrioR" (beyond WARrior) putting his safety on the line (going into da unknown, we never can tell what may happen), regularly, to possibly inspire creative people to give themselves permission to utilize their bests (in ongoing, becoming practice), in order to intervene on Same Old Scenes of Alienation, Inc. and its consequences. Such is a spirituaL path; a way i like to walk(e) and learn, and keep in touch, and escape from my "caves" and the Fear planted in me.
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