Wanted to add myself to the sometime off-balance

i mentioned the Cherokee below, but i think the reason i was able to empathize with him so much was because i myself was quite off-balance when i first got involved in Occupy–having spent months away from people, as well as the city and all the crap that comes with that. i was quite well-balanced (i think) on my own off in the woods, going cross country by my own power; but when i entered the minimum security prison known as the city (Arcata, very very privileged compared to Eureka, at least least if you’re a resident).

i, too, found myself speaking loudly at all hours of the night (tho no one got on my case to shut up). i, too, was a bit irrational. Some would say that it was marijuana’s fault, but the reality is that i’m very sensitive, and when i utilize that herb spiritually (i walke with the Native American Church, btw), i tend to experience the pain of the reality i’m in…re: all the realities of living free in the middle of freedumb…and not, for curiously spiritual reasons, “getting a lid on it” like Nice, Middle Class People Somehow Can. Duh, i wonder how…tho, i DO know much of THAT is merely a FRONT! It’s like Aldous Huxley once said, the people not exhibiting the symptoms of living in an insane society are REALLY crazy!

So, i just wanted to make things a bit more clear, here. Hopefully this is coherent enough? (imposed time limits me too much unfortunately)



About ethicalartservice

an "orrioR" (beyond WARrior) putting his safety on the line (going into da unknown, we never can tell what may happen), regularly, to possibly inspire creative people to give themselves permission to utilize their bests (in ongoing, becoming practice), in order to intervene on Same Old Scenes of Alienation, Inc. and its consequences. Such is a spirituaL path; a way i like to walk(e) and learn, and keep in touch, and escape from my "caves" and the Fear planted in me.
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